Perched on the Kent coastline, overlooking the beautiful town of Deal, visitors will be delighted to discover a family restaurant like no other – for Jasin’s Restaurant in Deal is located at the head of a pier that is 1,026ft long, and which is, incidentally, the Best Constructed Building in Kent: an honour awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Jasins Pier
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About Us

Enjoy Jasin’s year round ‘end of the pier’ attraction!

Daily, from 8.00 am until 8.15 pm (*until 10.00 pm, Saturday) Jasin’s Restaurant – Cafe – Bar is ‘the’ place to go for great value food and drink with a unique free bonus in the form of spectacular views over Deal and Kent’s coast. Here are just a few of the features we offer at Jasin's:-

“Fisherman’s Friend”
Jasin’s is hugely popular with fishermen who can’t resist our full English breakfasts, fish ‘n chips, Aberdeen Angus steak burgers, hot drinks, soup and bacon sandwiches. Perfect!

“Artists’ Corner”
Artists, writers, photographers and musicians meet up with us at Jasin’s to draw mental inspiration and food for thought in the form of coffees, snacks, lovely lunches that include:
Fresh fish
Mediterranean vegetables with pesto
Bacon, stilton and grape salad, homemade pies and delicious desserts.

“Family Favourite”
A walk to the end of Deal Pier is an exciting and rewarding family outing, particularly with family food favourites on offer at the end of it: cod fillet, scampi, chicken nuggets and lots more freshly sourced produce which we use in the creation of scrumptious family favourites.
*We have high chairs available and there is easy access for push chairs and wheelchairs.

“Come Dine With Us”
Glorious sunsets and dramatic sea views form the perfect backdrop for your lovely meal savoured over a glass of wine selected from our extensive wine list. As the sun sets, the memory will linger...
........ until your next visit to Jasin’s Restaurant – Cafe – and Bar.